How can you benefit from the eMarket application?

All rural (development) organizations, groupments and structures can use eMarket. For more information on how to implement the solution for your region/organization, please contact us through the contact form. If you already have a functional eMarket service operating in your region or organization,

  1. Just connect to the internet using your smartphone, tablet or PC
  2. subscribe to the system completing all the required fields: name, profile type, cellphone number, location, preferred language …
  3. wait for a confirmation by SMS
  4. login and start using the service

How to become a partner?

All rural (development) organizations, groupments and structures can join the eMarket partnership/network. To get more information on partnership agreement, please contact us through the contact form.

How to implement the eMarket?

It usually take 48 hours to activate and customize a functional eMarket solution with full new domain name on the Internet. What you’ll need to do is just to configure and administer the solution online.

How much does it cost

Each partner using eMarket will pay an annual fee for internet hosting, maintenance and improvement. eMarket is not for profit, but the future development of the application will depend on contribution and support from each partner. Contact us for more details on pricing, you will be surprised.