Case study: Market price

At what price should I sell my products? What is the price range in the Market now? What was the price last year? Six months ago? These are crucial questions that each farmer should ask before harvesting and going to the market. eMarket allows to know exactly what is the price range for each product every month. It even provides historic of prices for the previous year. Where can I find good price for some products I want to buy? I want to check what was the price for a given product one year ago? These are questions that many consumers will ask before buying. With eMarket, they don’t have to waste time anymore, these data are available instantly on click.

Knowing the price and quantity available in the market will encourage producers to produce more and to target what to produce. With market price tool, farmers are more confident about what they should produce, knowing where they are going and what they can earn in future.

Example from “Ndao hivoatra” project

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