Why we developed eMarket

In 2011, after doing some field visits and surveys in rural areas, a group of young agronomists at FTA came to the conclusion that access to market (among other challenges) is one of the biggest blockages for development, hence relatively simple to address with appropriate technology, for rural people in Madagascar. After doing some researches and reading documentations, the team concluded that this is not a specific issue for Madagascar but for most African countries. Most producers surveyed replied they can produce more and better (and increase their incomes), but they need to make sure they will find market for their product. FTA believe that eMarket can contribute in developing a more transparent and fair market for these small holder farmers. The eMarket project was born. The dream of the eMarket Team was and is to give opportunity to each farmer, especially those in remote rural areas, to sell their products at a reasonable price to the right clients they will choose themselves. But there are other reasons we developped eMarket, look at the video below. 

Why you should use the eMarket solution

If you are one of those targeted by the eMarket software (see whom are the targets below), you’ll benefit from using the system because of the following (among other reasons):

  • you won’t need to go to the market to sell your products. You may just stay in your field and continue to work while buyers come to collect fresh products at your field
  • you won’t need to harvest and take risks for some perishable products. You can just advertise for the product and wait for the right time before harvesting when client is present
  • you don’t need to spend money, time and energy to go to the market. This is a real issue for many farmers
  • there is no time limit for selling and for preparing for purchase. The eMarket is open 24/24, 365/365.