Who is promoting the eMarket application?

eMarket is a long term project started by a young team of ICT4D professionals in the Farming & Technology for Africa (FTA, www.123fta.com) group with the JAM (www.jeuneagrimadagascar.org, Jeune et Agriculture à Madagascar) since 2011. Actually, FTA, a well established organization is promoting the solution continent-wide. Visit our Facebook page

Who should benefit eMarket? Whom are the target beneficiaries?

eMarket is a service and information system of producers, buyers and service providers especially design for rural people. Any rural actor should benefit from eMarket solution. Target beneficiaries are:

  • priority: producers, including farmers from remote areas covered by internet connection. These are farmers (small and big one) who can produce more if there is demand in the market and if they can meet the right buyers for fair prices
  • a wide range of consumers and consumer intermediaries: from small market resseler to supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, big resellers …
  • service providers and intermediaries. Example: transporters, veterinaries, rural finance service providers, cereal décortiqueurs,

Who can use the Rural eMarket application ?

Usage of eMarket implies: 1) there is a eMarket service provider (who will implement, configure, administer and manage the service) 2) there are users/subscribers who will use the system. Development agencies, farmers organizations/associations should support and facilitate the implementation of the solution.

eMarket service provider

  • FTA is the promoter and main service provider. We host and customize the service for any organization, country users, groupment/association/coop who wants to use the solution
  • Any organization or structure who wants to deploy and use the eMarket solution will have to designate a competent individual/structure (a service provider for his country, organization or region) who will administer, manage the system and collaborate with FTA for all technical aspects


Once eMarket is set up and operational (with the help of a local service provider) for an area or a network:

  • Any actor in that area or network who is interested in selling, buying or offering services are able to subscribe to the system and send their offers/demands
  • farmers (small holder and  agribusinesses) are invited to subscribe and use the system to find buyers for their products
  • agricultural product buyers are encouraged to find products in the database
  • service providers can subscribe and be visible to service searchers