What is this application about?

eMarket is a web based market information system, it’s a web application that provides market information to its subscribers.


Subscribers can be producers, buyers, service providers, intermediaries … Market information are related to :

  • actors (producers, buyers, service providers, intermediaries …)
  • products categorized in legumes, cereals, fruits …
  • location hierarchically organized in two levels
  • prices (minimum, maximum, previous year)
  • transactions (what has been sold, what is still available)

eMarket can be assimilated to a sophisticate eCommerce application but its technology does not allow direct secured electronic transactions (for the moment) because of it’s targets who are mainly rural people. Actors (subscribers) have to contact each other directly (by mail or by phone) to conclude any transaction.

What are the functionalities?

eMarket allows to :

  • send product offers and demands, visible to all subscribers and those who have the rss feed link
  • search for offers and demands sent by members
  • subscribe as a service provider or intermediary (transporter, veterinary, advisor, microfinance …)
  • find service providers and intermediaries
  • see market price for each product and allow comparison with previous year and months
  • search for specific products in specific location

What do you need to use eMarket application?

Common to all regions/networks, each user will need:

  • access to Internet
  • have a working mobile number (and optionnaly an email address)
  • a smartphone, tablet or a PC
  • minimum literacy, especially for the subscription at the beginning. The application is very user friendly and intuitive but necessitate some subscription procedures